Sock & Buskin

Student-Faculty Theatre Production Board at Brown University

Sock and Buskin is a dynamic board of students, faculty, and staff that selects and produces theatrical productions at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. Founded in 1901 by Thomas Crosby, a professor in the university’s English department, it has maintained an unbroken string of performance seasons since being established. Each year, Sock and Buskin aid in the production of the current season, and chooses four plays or musicals to be produced during the following academic year.

Membership: September 2011 - May 2014


Board Member
- Read and discussed three plays a week in twice-a-week meetings with the faculty
- Examined the relevance of producing each piece on the Brown stage at each point in time
- Argued for equal representation of different bodies on the stage and equal opportunity for students of diverse backgrounds to take educational advantage of working backstage in various capacities
- Discussed logistics: production benefits and difficulties of both proposed and currently-rehearsing productions
- Voted on a year-long season for Brown’s main stage    

- Discussed and organized events related to the theatrical productions
- House-Managed
- Collectively decided on more effective forms of publicity, enforcing them through poster-hanging, online sharing, etc.
- Participated in strikes    

Board Liason (to particular productions) 
- Represented the board in production meetings
- Organized Meet-and-Greets and other events and expenses surrounding the production under a specific budget
- Introduced the board to the cast and crew
- Attended rehearsals and was responsible for informing the board of any personal and technical difficulties occurring in the process