Tenderloin Towers

"It was certainly... different." 


Web Series

Production Company: Vital Management Group

Writer: Bruce McKenna

Director: Bruce McKenna

Story line: "Poser"

Role: Mayra

Release: TBD

Shoot: May 2015 - Present 

"Tenderloin Towers" is a series on an interactive website. Set in a mythical high-rise building in Times Square, the series is being built as an interactive website with multiple story lines. It is also designed to incubate shows that can migrate to cable or broadcast. Major through-lines include "Club Tenderloin," which is "Deadwood" in a rock bar, where a mysterious stranger takes over the bar and numerous power struggles ensue as the staff scramble to keep their jobs and lucrative scams going, while the ousted owner schemes a comeback; "The Nanny Cam," where the long time babysitter/nanny of an autistic teen girl tries to oust the wife and insert herself as wife and step-mother; "Poser," where a twisted loner poses as an artist so he can hire models and try and seduce them; "School of Bondage," where two young women from Germany who have a failing dungeon business diversify into opening a school; and "No Exit," where a jilted artist/multimedia producer goes off the deep end and creates a fake game show where the losers are murdered.