The Windows Are Also Helping

"Sometimes I forget she died. A woman like that, made up of fire and life... It's an easy thing to forget." 

Poster by Alex Lee

Solo Show

The Windows Are Also Helping: A Solo Show by Alejandra Rivera Flaviá

SoloFest at Brown University

Strasberg Studio

Solo Partner: Emma Johnson

Producer: Marcus Sudac

April 27 & May 23, 2014

Roles: All 

Rehearsal & Writing Dates: January-May 2014

Click here for full script.  

Written within Brown University's Solo Performance Class of 2014

***Solo But Not Alone***

The story of a Latin immigrant girl’s journey through childhood and adolescence framed by the unfortunately difficult process of developing the courage and self-confidence to finally realize that one, especially as a socially oppressed individual, has actually always been so much more than worthy of another’s love.